Androvax was an enemy of Sarah Jane Smith.


Androvax's life before his planet's destruction is unknown. He left to travel the stars and returned to find his race extinct after their sun was extinguished. This made him believe the truth of the universe was destruction so he wanted to teach other species the way of the universe. He became the highest on the Judoon's most wanted list, being wanted in five galaxies for 12 counts of global destruction.

He was eventually caught by Captain Tybo, but during transport the ship crashed, allowing Androvax to escape. He knocked out Tybo and escaped, taking over the body of a young girl. However, when Sarah Jane Smith detected him he revealed himself, stunned Clyde and entered her body instead. He then returned to her home in Sarah's body and instructed Mr Smith to self destruct, before proceeding to the Genetec Systems and instructing the microscopic nanoforms to build him a ship.

Androvax was finally caught when Luke threatened to sabotage the ship, and ultimately stopped the Nanoforms from destroying the planet. The Veil was then sentenced to execution.His reason for destroying planets was jealousy, as his planet was lost. Rather like the Doctor, he was supposedly the last of his kind.

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