Chronovores were god-like transcendental beings found in Calabi-Yau Space.


Chronovores were generally seen as pure-white humanoids with small wings and a helmet-like head, but they could easily change their shape. Chronovores had three main sources of sustenance. In general, they could feed on the natural energy of the Calabi-Yau Space, but this was dull and unappealing food. Chronovores could also eat the history of a humanoid, which annihilated them from existence (they especially liked Time Lords). The Chronovores' favourite food was alternate dimensions, which they tried to devour when they found them. Because of this diet, the Chronovores were feared and hated by the other transcendental beings, especially the Eternals.


The Chronovores were led by the Divine Host, a group of particularly dangerous Chronovores and Kronos, a Chronovore/Eternal hybrid. The Chronovores were also both feared and worshipped, especially in Atlantis, which Kronos would later destroy.

Though always powerful, they did not always live in Calabi-Yau Space. They originally lived in the main universe and could travel through time like other creatures could travel through space. They fed on the energy of stars. Though powerful, they still had weaknesses. They created the Darkheart to feed their young and sick, which could transport the energy to any point in time.

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