The Logopolitans were a race of humanoid mathematicians from the planet Logopolis. They were well known for their ability to do Block Transfer Computations with their minds.

Biology & LifestyleEdit

Logopolitans look somewhat like Humans with grey hair and enlarged craniums and wore flowing black and yellow robes. They lived in simple dwellings on Logopolis, working on various math problems relayed to them by the Monitor. The workers sat at either a desk of computers or in carved inlets in rock faces were they sat and worked out calculations. Tegan compared this to a sweatshop.


Historically, the Logopolitans only use machines for simple tasks and very rarely require any use for technology; Every Logopolitan worked on their section of an equation through the use of an abacus.

At some point before the 20th century the Logopolitans discovered that the Universe had already reached its point of collapse due to the advance of entropy. To maintain a continued existence, they built CVEs, which opened up the universe, N-Space, into a smaller one, E-Space, allowing the entropy into the other universe.

The Logopolitans, through their Block Transfer Computations, were able to copy the Pharos Project on Earth and use it to relay computations to the CVEs. This preserved the universe while they constantly tried to find a more permanent solution.

In 1981, when the Master arrived on Logopolis and killed several Logopolitans, the structure unraveled and Logopolis was silenced. The constant calculations for the CVEs were stopped and entropy built up, killing off the entire Logopolitan race.

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