Rani Chandra first appeared in Day of the Clown.

History Edit

In "The Day of the Clown", Rani and her parents move into the Jacksons' old house at 12 Bannerman Road, opposite Sarah Jane and Luke Smith's house, in Ealing, London. The Chandras moved from Danemouth on the south coast, where her best friend was an orphan named Samuel Lloyd. Her father is the new head teacher of the school where she, Luke and Clyde are pupils; her mother owns Bloomin' Lovely floral shop. An aspiring journalist, Rani soon joins Sarah Jane's investigative gang. Together with Sarah Jane she faces the Pied Piper, Martin Trueman and the Ancient Lights, the alien Berserker, the Trickster, Judoon, and the Bane Mrs Wormwood. In violation of the Smith gang's rules, she shares her adventures in letters to Samuel.

She is banned by the Judoon from extraterrestrial travel as punishment for interference in their work.

By 2059, she will have a son and grandchildren, still be friends with Luke Smith, have become friends with her predecessor Maria Jackson, and have acquired the Smiths' then-former home at 13 Bannerman Road. In an alternate timeline, she would have grown old alone but nevertheless acquired the 13 Bannerman Road house.

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