Series One (2005)Edit


1) Rose written by Russel T DaviesEdit

The episode opens by showing a day in the life of Rose Tyler, a young woman working in a shop. As she is about to leave work for the day, a security guard stops her and sends her to the basement to deliver money for the lottery to her boss. Unable to locate him in the basement, she finds herself being chased by mannequins that she initially thinks are university students trying to scare her. She is rescued from them by a mysterious man who introduces himself as "the Doctor". The Doctor tells Rose to get out of the building, as he intends to blow it up to destroy a transmitter on the roof. As Rose leaves, the building explodes in flames behind her.

The next day, Rose is discussing the explosion with her mother when the Doctor appears at her door. Rose pulls him inside to discuss the explosion. As she is making him a coffee, the Doctor is attacked by a plastic mannequin arm which had followed Rose home and then let itself in via the cat flap. The Doctor and Rose subdue and deactivate the arm, and Rose follows the Doctor as he leaves. He tells her that she would be better off forgetting he was there, and disappears into his TARDIS. Unable to let the matter rest, Rose begins investigating the Doctor and meets a man named Clive who has been tracking the Doctor's appearances throughout history. Clive tells Rose the Doctor is dangerous and that if he's there something bad is about to happen. While Rose is talking to Clive, her boyfriend Mickey Smith is kidnapped by a wheelie bin and replaced with a plastic replicant.

The fake Mickey takes Rose to lunch and attempts to question her about the Doctor, but the Doctor shows up and beheads the replicant. The Doctor takes Rose and the plastic head to the TARDIS and attempts to use the head to locate the controlling signal. With the head connected, the TARDIS takes them to the London Eye. The Doctor explains to Rose that he is an alien and the fake Mickey was an Auton, controlled by a signal from the Nestene Consciousness. He shows Rose that he has a vial of anti-plastic that can be used to destroy the Nestene if necessary. Realising that the transmitter is the London Eye itself, Rose and the Doctor descend underneath it to stop the Nestene Consciousness. They find Mickey tied up but alive, and the Doctor speaks to the Nestene Consciousness. He tries to negotiate with it, but the Consciousness blames the Doctor for the destruction of its planet during the Time War. The Consciousness activates all the Autons at Queens Arcade, where several shoppers are shot and killed including Clive. The Doctor is also held down by a pair of Autons, but Rose rescues him and the anti-plastic drops into the vat where the Nestene Consciousness resided.

With the Consciousness dead, the Autons all collapse. The Doctor uses the TARDIS to take Mickey and Rose home. He offers to let Rose travel with him but she initially declines, as she feels an obligation to take care of Mickey and her mother. The Doctor leaves in the TARDIS but reappears a few seconds later, sweetening his offer by telling her that it can travel in time as well as space. Rose finally accepts, kissing Mickey goodbye and running into the TARDIS.

2) The End of the World written Russel T DaviesEdit

The Doctor takes Rose to the year 5.5/apple/26, five billion years into her future. They land on Platform One, a space station in orbit around Earth. They have arrived in time for a party celebrating the final destruction of Earth by the expansion of the Sun. The Earth has long since been abandoned, but has been kept up by a historical trust. The Doctor uses his psychic paper to pass as their invitation to the party, and he and Rose find many elite alien beings there. The guests include Lady Cassandra O'Brien, billed as "the last human" but actually a face on a large piece of skin that must be continually moisturised. Also present are the Face of Boe, the Moxx of Balhoon, the Adherents of the Repeated Meme, and living trees from the Forest of Cheem. Rose is overwhelmed by the strange beings and customs as well as how distant she is from home, and leaves to an observation room to collect her thoughts. The Doctor follows her, and tries to cheer her up by allowing her to call her mum Jackie by altering her mobile phone to be able to work over the distance in time.

Meanwhile, the gifts brought by the Adherents of the Repeated Meme are revealed to contain robotic spiders that immediately work at disabling functions on Platform One. The Steward of Platform One recognizes something is wrong, but is killed when the spiders cause the solar filter of his room to lower and expose him directly to the powerful solar radiation. The Doctor goes to investigate with the help of Jabe, of the Forest of Cheem, and discover the Steward's death and the spiders. Rose attempts to learn more from Lady Cassandra but only gets more upset over Cassandra's arrogance and walks away. Later, Rose meets some members of The Meme, who knock her out and drag her away. She is locked in a room where the solar filter is about to drop, and the Doctor manages to get the filter back up but cannot get her out.

Using a captured spider, the Doctor determines that the Meme are responsible. The Meme turn out to be empty shells, and the real controller is revealed to be Lady Cassandra. Cassandra admits to being the saboteur, her plan was to use the deaths of the assembled elite to generate profit from their companies to finance her operations. Cassandra teleports to her ship as the spiders bring down the shielding on the entire station and the gravity satellites are turned off. The direct radiation causes the solar filters to strain and crack, killing several of the guests from the intense radiation exposure and once again threatening Rose. The Doctor and Jabe travel to the bowels of Platform One to restore the automated shields, but it requires one of them to travel through several spinning fans. Jabe recognizes the Doctor as the last Time Lord and sacrifices herself to hold down a switch to slow down the fan blades. This allows the Doctor to reactivate the system just before the expanding Sun hits the station and destroys Earth.

The Doctor returns to the remaining guests and Rose, who is now free of the observation room. Using a device he finds in the room, the Doctor reverses Cassandra's teleport and brings her back onto the station. In the elevated temperature and without moisturising, Cassandra begins to dry out and crack. She begs for mercy from the Doctor, but he refuses to listen and Cassandra ruptures. Rose notes that with all the events that occurred no one had witnessed the actual destruction of Earth. The Doctor returns Rose to her present time, and explains to her that he is the last of the Time Lords, and that his planet of Gallifrey was destroyed in the wake of a great war. The episode closes with Rose and the Doctor going off to get chips on a sunny London afternoon.

3) The Unquiet Dead witten by Mark GatissEdit

The Doctor attempts to pilot the TARDIS to Naples in 1860 to show Rose the past, but ends up in Cardiff in 1869 instead. At a nearby funeral parlour run by Gabriel Sneed and his servant Gwyneth, the corpse of the late Mrs. Peace has been taken over by a blue vapour. She rises from her coffin and kills her mourning grandson before lurching away from the parlour. Gwyneth is clairvoyant and can sense that the corpse is going to see Charles Dickens at a nearby theater. In the middle of his performance, the blue vapour leaves Mrs. Peace and scares the audience away. The people screaming and running away attract the attention of the Doctor and Rose, who rush to investigate. Gabriel and Gwyneth arrive and capture the corpse, but are confronted by Rose and end up kidnapping her as well. Dickens accuses the Doctor of ruining his performance, but after the Doctor gushes over his literary genius Dickens offers to help.

At the funeral parlour, Rose wakes up along with the newly reanimated corpses of Mrs. Peace and Mr. Redpath. The Doctor and Dickens arrive and break into the parlour to rescue Rose. After hearing about the trouble with the corpses, the Doctor convinces Gwyneth to help him hold a séance to attempt to communicate with the dead. The blue vapors fill the room and reveal that they are all that remains of a race called the Gelth, who were once corporeal beings until being affected by the Time War. They plead with the Doctor to open the rift that exists in the basement of the parlour and allow them to cross over. The Doctor offers the Gelth temporary use of the corpses until he can transport them to a place where they can build new bodies, using Gwyneth as a bridge to cross the Rift.

Gwyneth stands in the middle of an arch and opens the rift, allowing the Gelth to cross over. The number of Gelth is much greater than anticipated, and their true motive is revealed: they intend to kill the living to give themselves more hosts and take over the planet. One of the animated bodies strangles Mr. Sneed to death, allowing another Gelth to possess his body. Dickens flees the parlour and Rose and the Doctor are trapped in a part of the basement. Outside, Dickens notes that the beings are affected by gas and returns to the house. He extinguishes the gaslights and turns the gas on full. The gas affects the Gelth, drawing them out of the bodies. The Doctor asks Gwyneth to send the Gelth back and close the rift, but she cannot close it or leave. Instead she takes out a box of matches, intending to ignite the gas and kill the Gelth along with herself. The Doctor determines that Gwyneth is already dead, opening the rift killed her instantly. The Doctor, Rose, and Dickens flee the parlour just before it explodes and burns. The Doctor and Rose head back to the TARDIS, and Dickens thanks them for their help. He decides to leave immediately for London to patch up things with his family and to finish The Mystery of Edwin Drood. The Doctor and Rose give their goodbyes and disappear in the TARDIS as an astounded Dickens walks away through the streets of Cardiff, greeting everyone he passes and quoting A Christmas Carol, "God bless us, everyone!"

4) Aliens of London written by Russel T DaviesEdit

The Doctor, intending to return Rose to Earth twelve hours after she originally left, miscalculates and lands twelve months after they left. Rose's mother Jackie is furious with her, believing that Rose had been abducted and murdered. Rose's boyfriend Mickey is also upset, as he was suspected of murdering Rose. Rose expresses her frustration to the Doctor of not being able to tell the truth of where she's been. As they are walking outside they witness a spacecraft crash through Big Ben and fall into the River Thames. Central London is shut down while the population become excited at the possibility of first contact with an alien species. The Doctor suspects trickery, and uses the TARDIS to land inside the hospital where the alien pilot has been taken. The Doctor discovers that the alien craft was launched from Earth, and that the pilot is common pig that has been modified by alien technology.

The government is unable to locate the Prime Minister due to the confusion of the crash, and MP Joseph Green is named acting Prime Minister. Green is revealed to be a Slitheen, an alien species that compress their bodies into large human "suits" resulting in frequent releases of flatulence. Two other high members of the government, Margaret Blaine and Oliver Charles, are also revealed to be Slitheen. The Slitheen secretly celebrate luring the humans into their plan, but are unaware of their conversation being witnessed by Harriet Jones.

When the Doctor returns to Rose, they are surrounded by soldiers and escorted to 10 Downing Street. The Doctor is asked to join a panel of alien experts including UNIT, and Rose is escorted into the building by Harriet. Harriet tells Rose about the aliens, and together they discover the corpse of the Prime Minister. Before they can reveal their discovery they are caught by Blaine, who begins to unzip her human suit to attack them. As the Doctor attempts to convince the experts of the forgery of the events, Green sends an electrical shock through the assembled group. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, leading into the episode World War Three.

5) World War Three written by Russel T DaviesEdit

Following from the cliffhanger in Aliens of London, The Doctor survives an electrical pulse from the Slitheen while Mickey Smith is able to push aside the police inspector advancing on Jackie Tyler. The Doctor attempts to get the police, but by the time he has returned the Slitheen have gotten back into their suits. The Doctor escapes to the upper floors of 10 Downing Street and reunites with Rose and Harriet in the Cabinet Rooms. Just before sealing off the rooms, the Doctor confronts the Slitheen and learns that they are a family rather than a race. The Slitheen tell him that they are not invading Earth but raiding it for some commercial purpose.

Although the Slitheen have blocked all communications to the Cabinet Rooms, Rose's altered mobile phone allows her to make contact with Mickey and Jackie. The Doctor gives Mickey instructions on how to log into the UNIT website on his computer, and uses the information to determine that the Slitheen ship is presently in the North Sea transmitting a signal that the Doctor attempts to decode.

Green and the other Slitheen declare a matter of national security and request that the UN release the activation codes to launch a nuclear strike against a fictitious mothership supposedly hanging over London. The Doctor realizes that the Slitheen actually plan to fire the weapons against other countries in order to start World War III. The Slitheen plan to sell the Earth's radioactive remains as a fuel source, which they have already begun advertising through the signal Mickey has decoded. The Doctor helps Mickey to hack into the controls of a Royal Navy submarine and fire a missile at 10 Downing Street. The Slitheen are caught in the explosion when the missile hits but The Doctor, Rose, and Harriet all survive. The press dismisses the events as a hoax.

Afterwards, Jackie invites the Doctor for dinner but he declines. The Doctor gives Mickey a CD to upload to the internet that will remove all mentions of the Doctor from the web. He also privately offers Mickey the chance to come travel with him, but Mickey admits that he's too scared and wouldn't be able to handle it. He asks the Doctor not to tell Rose about his concerns. Rose arrives with a full backpack and asks the Doctor if Mickey can come along, and the Doctor covers for Mickey by saying that he doesn't want him in the TARDIS.

6) Dalek written by Robert ShearmanEdit

The Doctor and Rose land the TARDIS in a massive underground bunker near Salt Lake City, Utah in the year 2012. They were drawn there by a distress signal being transmitted from the bunker. They look around at various alien artefacts that have been set up on display in glass cases. After touching a case they are surrounded by soldiers who take them to see Henry van Statten, the owner of the collection. The Doctor talks to van Statten while Rose tours the facility with a technician named Adam Mitchell. Van Statten wants the Doctor's opinion on the pride of his collection, which he calls the "Metaltron". Van Statten orders the Doctor locked into the vault with the Metaltron. The Doctor is first shocked and then horrified to find that the Metaltron is actually a Dalek, all of whom he thought destroyed in the Time War. The Doctor finds out that the Dalek is weakened and chained down, unable to fight back. The Doctor attempts to destroy it, but is stopped by van Statten's guards and escorted back to his offices.

Meanwhile, Adam takes Rose to the vault to see the Dalek. She takes pity on the Dalek, touching its casing. The Dalek absorbs her DNA and the time energy she has been exposed to from traveling in the TARDIS. The Dalek becomes re-energised, plugging itself into the electrical grid and drawing power from all over the western United States to recharge itself. It rebuilds its casing and breaks the chains that were holding it. In another part of the complex, van Statten is torturing the Doctor and subjecting him to medical scans to try and learn more about his physiology. Upon hearing the alarms sound, van Statten releases the Doctor who tries to stop the Dalek. The Dalek breaks out of the cage it was sealed in and plugs itself into the Internet, learning that it is the last Dalek. Without other Daleks coming, it reverts to its original mission - the destruction of all non-Dalek life. The Dalek chases Adam and Rose, killing the guards in the way. It kills a bunch of soldiers in a warehouse before declaring it will speak only to the Doctor. The Doctor then suggests the Dalek kill itself to remove the presence of its race from the universe, but the Dalek decides to proceed with exterminating everyone.

Adam tries to help Rose escape, but she is trapped inside the vault when it is sealed by the Doctor. The video feeds are disrupted moments before the Dalek encounters Rose. The Dalek finds that it cannot exterminate Rose, and is conflicted by the human DNA it absorbed from her. The Dalek forces the Doctor to let it out of the vault in exchange for Rose's life, and it makes its way to van Statten's office to kill him. Rose convinces the Dalek to spare van Statten and accompanies it to the highest part of the vault, where it blasts a hole in the ceiling. The Dalek opens its casing and basks in the sunlight as the Doctor arrives with an alien weapon. Rose pleads for the Dalek's life, arguing that it has changed because it couldn't kill her or van Statten. The Dalek becomes upset at what it has become and asks Rose to order it to self-destruct. She finally agrees, and the Dalek engages its self-destruct mechanism and implodes.

Van Statten's assistant takes over, ordering van Statten's mind wiped and having him dropped off on the side of the road somewhere. The Doctor and Rose head back to the TARDIS with Adam following them. He tries to convince them to leave immediately because the vault is about to be filled with cement, but instead Rose invites him to travel with them.

7) The Long Game written by Russel T DaviesEdit

The Doctor, Rose and Adam arrive on Floor 193 of Satellite 5, a space station orbiting Earth in the year 200,000. The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to get Adam and Rose some credits to buy food while he looks around the station. The Doctor meets a woman named Cathica, a reporter who tells him that the station is a giant broadcast tower transmitting news across Earth. The reporters are connected to the computer via a special port installed directly into the brain. The Doctor believes there is a malevolent purpose to the station that is holding back human development. He learns from Cathica that a select few are invited to Floor 500, which is believe to be the highest promotion you can earn on the station.

The Doctor, with Rose, hacks into the computer systems of the station and is detected by The Editor. The Editor allows the Doctor and Rose to travel to Floor 500, with Cathica following soon after. On Floor 500 the Doctor and Rose find The Editor directing control over the station through a number of dead humans. On the ceiling resides the Editor-in-Chief, the Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe, to whom the Editor answers. The Doctor learns that the Jagrafess has controlled the humans aboard Satellite 5 to control the lives of the people on the planet below, by manipulating the news.

Meanwhile, Adam discovers that he can gain access to information about Earth's future. He has an information port installed in his brain and uses Rose's phone to call his answering machine at home and transfer data to it. The port also allows the Jagrafess into Adam's mind, who discovers the true nature of the Doctor and makes plans to kill him. The Doctor, aware of Cathica's presence outside the room, loudly comments on how altering the environmental systems will likely kill the Jagrafess. Cathica takes the hint and reverses the cooling system, causing Floor 500 to overheat and killing the Jagrafess and the Editor. As the humans on board the station and on Earth come to wake from the stupor they've been in, the Doctor congratulates Cathica and gives her hope for the future. The Doctor discovers Adam's duplicity and takes him to his home on Earth. The Doctor destroys the answering machine with the data from the future on it and tells Adam he is no longer welcome in the TARDIS.

8) Father's Day written by Paul CornellEdit

The episode opens with a flashback of Jackie Tyler telling a younger Rose about her father Pete, who died in a hit-and-run accident on the way to a friend's wedding.

In the TARDIS, The Doctor agrees to take Rose to the day her father died so that she can be there when it happens. They witness the accident but Rose is unable to move when The Doctor tells her to go comfort her dying father. Rose asks The Doctor if she can try again, and the Doctor allows it but warns Rose to not run until their former selves have left to prevent a paradox. As the accident is about to happen, Rose suddenly runs out and pushes Pete aside, saving his life. The older versions of the Doctor and Rose vanish. Rose and the Doctor fight about her actions, with the Doctor rebuking her for potentially damaging the timeline. The Doctor takes Rose's TARDIS key back and storms off without her. Rose decides to go with Pete to the wedding, while the Doctor walks back to the TARDIS only to find that it is now an empty shell. Strange flying beasts called Reapers appear and begin consuming people.

Rose and Pete drive to the wedding together, and the car that had been meant to kill Pete nearly collides with their car. They join the other guests, including Jackie who has brought the infant Rose with her. Rose is surprised to find that Jackie and Pete argue frequently. A young Mickey runs in to warn the guests about the Reapers, who think it's a joke until a Reaper appears above and attacks them. The Doctor runs to the church and directs everyone inside, noting that the age of the church will protect them against the Reapers. The Doctor explains to Rose that her actions have caused a paradox that normally the Time Lords would have prevented. Without them, the Reapers are sterilising the wound in time by consuming everyone within it. The Doctor further warns Rose not to touch her infant self, as it could cause further damage to time and allow the Reapers into the church. Feeling that his TARDIS key is still warm, the Doctor sets it up in the middle of the church and the TARDIS slowly begins materialising around it.

While waiting in the church, Jackie sees Pete talking to Rose and thinks he is having an affair. Pete and Rose talk alone, and he comes to realize that she is his daughter. When Rose is unable to answer questions about how good of a father he was, Pete realises he was meant to die in the accident. Jackie thinks Rose is Pete's daughter with another woman, and in a fit of frustration Pete hands the baby Rose to adult Rose. The paradox worsens and a Reaper is able to enter the church. The Doctor declares himself the oldest thing in the church and offers himself to the Reaper, who consume him and disappears. The TARDIS key goes cold and drops to the ground. Pete realizes that they now have no other choice and that he must die in order to restore the timeline. He bids Rose and Jackie an emotional farewell and races out of the church in front of the car. The timeline is repaired, and those previously consumed by the beasts reappear. The Doctor sends Rose off to be with her dad as he dies and she holds his hand until he is gone. Rose and the Doctor walk hand-in-hand back to the restored TARDIS.

The episode ends with a flashback similar to the opening, as Jackie explains to a young Rose that Pete didn't die alone. Jackie tells Rose about a young woman stayed with him until he died, leading the adult Rose to eulogize about her father.

9) The Empty Child written by Steven MoffatEdit

The episode opens with the Doctor and Rose in the TARDIS chasing a mysterious metal cylinder through time and space. The cylinder, marked as dangerous, skips in and out of the time vortex before landing somewhere on Earth. The Doctor lands the TARDIS in London, and he and Rose walk over to a nearby restaurant to ask about the cylinder. The Doctor uses a microphone to ask if anything has fallen from the sky recently, only to hear an air raid siren and realize it's World War II and he's in London during The Blitz. Meanwhile, Rose spots a young boy asking for his mummy and follows him to a rooftop, where she becomes entangled in the ropes of a barrage balloon and carried away. The Doctor heads back to the TARDIS looking for Rose but instead is shocked to hear the TARDIS phone on the outside of the box is ringing. As he is about to answer, a young woman named Nancy interrupts and warns him not to. The Doctor answers the phone anyway, and a young man asks for his mummy. The line cuts out and a confused Doctor follows Nancy.

Meanwhile, Rose is trapped on the balloon as the air raid happens and is spotted by Captain Jack Harkness, who is posing as an officer in the RAF. Harkness slips out and rescues Rose using the tractor beam from a Chula warship that he is piloting. At the same time, the Doctor catches up to Nancy and a group of children who have broken into a house to eat a dinner that's been left out by the owners who are hiding from the air raid. The Doctor sits down to eat with them and asks if they've seen Rose before asking Nancy about the phone. Nancy asks the Doctor to leave, but before he can the child in the gas mask knocks at the door asking for his mummy. Nancy panics and orders everyone to leave out a separate entrance. She bolts the front door and refuses to let the child in. The Doctor asks why and she tells him it's not a real boy and that he shouldn't touch the child or he will become empty like it is. The phone rings in the hall and the boy continues knocking but disappears as the Doctor opens the door.

On the Chula ship, Captain Jack introduces himself to Rose and flirts openly with her before parking the ship in front of Big Ben and camouflaging it. They stand on top of the ship and open a bottle of champagne. On the streets, the Doctor catches up to Nancy and questions her again about the boy. She tells him that the item that fell from the sky is related to the boy, and that it's under heavy guard nearby. She also admits that she is caring for the other children because she lost her brother to a recent air raid. The Doctor gives her some encouraging words about the future and they set off together for a nearby hospital. Back at Big Ben, Captain Jack plays music and dances with Rose before admitting that he's a former time agent and that he has an item for sale. Rose bluffs him, telling him that he needs to take her to her partner before she can buy it.

At the hospital near where the cylinder crashed, the Doctor encounters Doctor Constantine caring for a room full of patients that all have the same symptoms. They are all seemingly comatose, with the same scar on their hands and with gas masks fused to their face. Doctor Constantine demonstrates that each responds identically and simultaneously to a loud noise. He starts to explain that the first patient with these symptoms was Nancy's brother Jamie, but before he can finish he transforms into another gas mask clad victim. Rose and Jack arrive at the hospital in time to save the Doctor from the transformed Constantine and patients. Escaping deeper into the building, Jack again attempts to sell the warship to the Doctor who gets Jack to admit that it is only a Chula medical ship. Jack denies that it has anything to do with the current outbreak.

The episode ends as the three are trapped in a room while the transformed patients converge upon them, all asking for their mummy. Nancy, having returned to the house for more food, is similarly cornered by Jamie.

10) The Doctor Dances written by Steven MoffatEdit

Continuing from the cliffhanger of "The Empty Child", the Doctor, Rose, and Jack are cornered by the patients in the hospital that all have gas masks on. The Doctor fakes being angry and loudly tells the patients to go to their rooms. It works, and the patients retreat to their beds. In another part of town, young Jamie retreats from his sister. The trio go to Jamie's room in the hospital, where the Doctor realises that the child is still learning what it can do and soon will be too powerful to stop. The Doctor turns around and finds Jamie standing in the doorway.

Escaping from Jamie and the other patients, the three end up trapped in a room. Jack teleports back to his ship and plays music over the radio to prevent Jamie from using the radio to track the Doctor and Rose. Challenged by Rose to dance while they wait, the Doctor accepts but is interrupted when they are teleported to Jack's Chula ship. The Doctor uses the ship's nanogenes to heal a wound while Jack explains that he went renegade from the Time Agency after they stole two years of his memories. Meanwhile, Nancy returns to the railyard to tell the other children they are not safe while they are with her. She tells them she is heading to the bomb site, but is captured by soldiers before she can reach it. Despite her pleas, she is left with an infected guard who grows a gas mask on his face.

The Doctor, Rose, and Jack arrive at the bomb site and realise that the contagion is now airborne as the soldiers begin to transform. They free Nancy, who saved herself by singing a lullaby to the transformed soldier. The Doctor investigates the bomb, which is the cylinder he was chasing at the beginning of the last episode. He determines it is the empty shell of a Chula medical transport. Realising that the ship also contained nanogenes, the Doctor deduces that the transformations are caused by nanogenes who have used Jamie's dead body in a gas mask as a template for all humans. Because the Chula were a warrior race and the transport was a battlefield ambulance, the nanogenes have given the transformed beings enhanced abilities.

They attempt to open the cylinder but instead trigger an alarm that calls all of the transformed humans to defend it. The altered people from the hospital arrive at the railway station. The Doctor reasons that since Jamie was the template, it is his mind that drives them hence their collective obsession with finding a mother. A distraught Nancy claims that the situation is all her fault before tearfully admitting that she's not his sister but instead is actually his mother. Jamie heads through the gate and approaches Nancy, still asking if she is his mother. The Doctor pushes Nancy to tell Jamie the truth, which she does while hugging him. The nanogene cloud gathers around the two, and are able to identify Nancy's DNA as being that of Jamie's parent. The nanogenes properly repair Jamie, and the Doctor gathers them all up and sends them out to repair all of the transformed people.

Meanwhile a German bomb falls onto the site, but Jack uses his ship to capture it and hauls it out into space. Then the Doctor sets the medical transport to explode, thus destroying the technology and matching the historical records of an explosion at the site. After celebrating that everyone survived, the Doctor and Rose head back to the TARDIS. Aboard his ship, Jack discovers that he cannot jettison the bomb or abandon his ship. Resigned to dying, he fixes himself a drink before hearing music and seeing the TARDIS parked at the back of the ship. He quickly joins Rose and the Doctor, and the three put on music and dance together.

11) Boom Town written by Russel T DaviesEdit

The Doctor lands the TARDIS in Cardiff, using the energy of the Cardiff Rift to recharge the engines. Rose has Mickey bring her passport to the TARDIS, and together with the Doctor and Jack Harkness they go to lunch. At lunch the Doctor spots a newspaper article showing Margaret Blaine, a Slitheen, has become the new mayor of Cardiff. The four track down and capture Margaret to find out what she is doing there after their previous encounter in the episodes "Aliens of London"/"World War Three". The Doctor observes Blaine's scale model plans for a new nuclear power plant, but identifies that it is purposely flawed to cause a meltdown that would open the rift and destroy the Earth. He also discovers the model contains a functioning tribophysical waveform macro-kinetic extrapolator that Margaret would have used to flee the Earth. The Doctor decides to take Margaret back to her home planet of Raxacoricofallapatorious, but she admits that she has received a death sentence there and will be executed upon returning. The Doctor agrees to her final request to accompany her to a dinner meal. Margaret makes several half-hearthed attempts to kill the Doctor but he easily avoids them. She then tries to play on the Doctor's sympathies, asking him to take her to another planet instead.

Back at the TARDIS, Jack begins integrating the extrapolator into the TARDIS to speed up the engine recharge. Rose and Mickey hang out together, and he admits to her that he is dating someone else because she is not there for him. Cardiff is soon struck by a large earthquake that seems to be coming from the rift. The Doctor, Margaret, Rose and Jack regroup and find that the extrapolator was a trap meant to redirect the energy from the TARDIS into the rift, rupturing it. Jack and the Doctor are unable to stop the energy transfer, and Margaret takes Rose hostage and demands the extrapolator. The heart of the TARDIS opens on the console, bathing Margaret in light. While she is captivated by the light, Jack and the Doctor close the rift and disable the extrapolator. As the console closes, Margaret's human suit is empty except for a Slitheen egg. The Doctor surmises that the TARDIS sensed that Margaret wanted a second chance at life and gave it to her. The TARDIS crew decides to return the egg to Raxacoricofallapatorius so Margaret can be raised in a different family. Rose realises Mickey has left without saying goodbye, but she declines when the Doctor offers to wait for her to go find him.

12) Bad Wolf written by Russel T DaviesEdit

The Doctor, Rose, and Jack Harkness find themselves separated, waking up with temporary amnesia in various television game shows. The Doctor finds himself in a Big Brother house hosted by the Davinadroid, Rose ends up on the set of The Weakest Link hosted by Anne Droid, and Jack wakes up facing two female androids who offer to give him a makeover on a show similar to What Not to Wear. All three find out that the shows are more fatal than their twenty-first century counterparts. On The Weakest Link and Big Brother, losing contestants are disintegrated. On What Not to Wear, participants undergo brutal cosmetic surgery. The Doctor escapes from his show, bringing along a contestant called Lynda. They discover that they are on Satellite Five, which the Doctor previously visited in "The Long Game". It has been renamed the Game Station and is now under the control of the Badwolf Corporation. Lynda explains that 100 years ago, Satellite Five stopped broadcasting and humanity became confused and lost.

The Doctor, Jack, and Lynda search for Rose. They find her just as she loses the final round of The Weakest Link and is promptly disintegrated. They are arrested, but escape their capture and travel to the control room on Floor 500. There they meet the Controller, a cybernetic human. The Controller uses the cover of a solar flare to speak directly to the Doctor, telling him that her masters cannot hear her during the flare. The Controller used a transmat to hide the Doctor and his companions in the games as her masters do not watch them. The solar flare ends before she can tell the Doctor who is controlling her. Jack finds the TARDIS, which he uses to figure out that contest losers are not actually disintegrated but transmatted off of the station. The Controller begins giving the Doctor the coordinates that the transmat leads to, knowing that her masters will hear. The Controller disappears in a transmat beam and wakes up on a spaceship, where she is killed by her masters. Rose wakes up on the floor of a spaceship and is horrified to see a Dalek approaching her. The Doctor and Jack discover a signal coming from the station that is hiding something orbiting above the Earth. They cancel the signal and reveal a fleet of Dalek spaceships. The Daleks open a communication channel to the Doctor, threatening to kill Rose if he interferes. The Doctor refuses to back down and vows to rescue Rose and wipe out the Daleks.

The episode ends with the Daleks about to invade Satellite Five.

13) The Parting of the Ways written by Russel T DaviesEdit

The episode opens with the Daleks questioning Rose on what the Doctor will do next. The Doctor uses the extrapolator on the TARDIS to generate a protective shield around them as he materializes around Rose and a Dalek. Jack destroys the Dalek and they exit the TARDIS to speak to the Daleks. The Doctor is surprised to see the Dalek Emperor in command, and even more surprised when the Emperor describes himself as a god. The Emperor survived the Time War and escaped to Earth in a crippled ship, where he rebuilt the Dalek race by harvesting DNA material from selected humans that were transmatted to them by the Game Station. The Doctor observes that the Daleks have gained human traits and emotions from this process and have become deadlier than ever. The Doctor, Rose, and Jack use the TARDIS to return to the Game Station and prepare for an imminent attack.

Jack uses the extrapolator to shield the top six floors of the station and sets up defensive positions. The Doctor attempts to create a delta wave generator from the equipment on the Game Station. The delta wave will kill anything in its path, but needs time to charge up. The Doctor sends Rose into the TARDIS, and while she is inside he uses his sonic screwdriver to direct the TARDIS to return her to her home time. The Doctor appears to her via a holographic message and explains that he sent her home for her safety and to prevent the Daleks from getting the TARDIS. The Daleks begin to invade the Station, easily making it past the defenses. The Emperor contacts the Doctor and taunts him about the delta wave, revealing that he knows it will not only kill the Daleks but most of Earth as well. The Doctor tells him that humanity will survive in some form but that the Daleks cannot.

The TARDIS arrives back in London, and Mickey and Jackie are drawn to the noise of its engines. They rush to meet Rose, who is heartbroken at being sent away from the Doctor. Rose begins to notice the words "Bad Wolf" all around the area where the TARDIS has landed, and realises that it is a message rather than a warning. She enlists Mickey to help her try and open the Heart of the TARDIS, hoping the telepathic circuits will allow her to pilot the ship back to the Doctor. Rose tells Jackie that she met her late father Pete, and Jackie decides to help by borrowing a large truck from a friend. With the truck pulling the panel on the console snaps open and Rose is bathed in the light of the TARDIS. The TARDIS doors slam on Mickey and Jackie as they try to enter and then it dematerialises.

Back on the Game Station, the Daleks force their way to Floor 500, killing Jack and Lynda in the process. They file into the control room as the Doctor is about to fire the delta wave. The Emperor again taunts the Doctor, who cannot bring himself to kill so many innocent people just to destroy the Daleks. The Emperor declares him a coward and orders him to be exterminated, but before they can kill him the TARDIS materializes. The TARDIS doors swing open and Rose appears wrapped in the glow of the time vortex. She reveals that she is the Bad Wolf, and that she spreads the words throughout time and space as a message to lead her there. The Daleks attempt to exterminate Rose but she easily stops them, disintegrating the Emperor and the entire fleet. The Doctor begs her to relinquish her new power, but instead she brings Jack back to life. As Rose begins to burn up from the power, the Doctor kisses her, taking the entire power of the vortex into his own body. He releases it back into the TARDIS and carries an unconscious Rose back inside. They leave in the TARDIS before a reanimated Jack can get back to them, trapping him on the Game Station.

Rose awakens on the TARDIS to find the Doctor in pain. He tells her that the act of absorbing the vortex has destroyed every cell in his body. Rose begins to panic as the Doctor tells her that he won't be seeing her again. After musing on what his next body will look like and telling Rose goodbye, he suddenly steps back and bursts with energy from the regeneration process. After a few seconds the energy dissipates, revealing the Tenth Doctor. The New Doctor briefly comments on his new teeth before offering to take Rose to the planet Barcelona.

Christmas SpecialEdit

X) The Christmas Invasion written by Russel T DaviesEdit

The newly regenerated Doctor, suffering side effects from his regeneration, crash lands the TARDIS in London. He exits to meet Jackie Tyler and Mickey, and collapses in front of them. They take him to Jackie's flat where she puts her boyfriend's robe on him and they put him to bed. Rose and Mickey decide to go out Christmas shopping while waiting on the Doctor to recover. While shopping they are attacked by masked Santa robots, and escape back to the flat. While attempting to wake the Doctor they are attacked by a lethal spinning Christmas tree. The Doctor wakes suddenly, using his sonic screwdriver to stop the tree. He tells them that his regeneration has gone wrong and theorises that the energy of his regeneration is luring an unseen foe to him. The Doctor passes out again and is returned to bed.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Harriet Jones prepares for a live broadcast from the space probe Guinevere One, set to land on Mars. The probe is swallowed by a giant spaceship heading for Earth. When the broadcast is shown, an alien face appears and identifies itself as being a Sycorax. The alien demands Earth's surrender and causes a third of the world's population to go into a hypnotic state. The Sycorax threaten to make these people commit suicide unless they are given half of the world's population as slaves. One of the scientists discovers that all of the hypnotised people share the same blood type (A-positive), the same as contained in a sample on Guinevere One. Harriet attempts further negotiations with the Sycorax, and is surprised to find herself and her staff transmatted aboard the ship.

Rose, Mickey and Jackie evacuate the Doctor to the TARDIS as the Sycorax ship approaches London. Before Jackie can return with additional supplies, the TARDIS is detected by the Sycorax and is transmatted aboard their ship. Rose and Mickey exit the TARDIS, but not before spilling a container of tea on the floor that drips onto part of the TARDIS and begins to smoke. Rose attempts to bluff the leader of the Sycorax by invoking the Shadow Proclamation among other references. The Sycorax dismiss Rose, but she manages to buy enough time for the Doctor to finally recover. After smelling the tea and waking up, he wanders out of the TARDIS still in his robe and reintroduces himself to everyone. He shuts down the Sycorax blood control and then challenges the Sycorax leader to a sword fight for the Earth. During the fight, the Doctor's hand is severed and falls to the ground far below. Since the Doctor is still within the first 15 hours of regeneration he is able to grow a new hand, and then forces the Sycorax leader to submit. The Doctor and his allies return to the ship as the Sycorax leader attempts to attack the Doctor from behind. The Doctor hits a sensor with a fruit he found in his bathrobe, triggering part of the wing to fold and dropping the leader to his death.

The Doctor orders the Sycorax to leave Earth and never return before taking Rose, Mickey, and Harriet back to Earth. As the Sycorax ship moves away, Harriet orders Torchwood to fire on them, destroying the ship. The Doctor becomes furious with Harriet, who tries to justify her actions by reminding the Doctor that he is not always there to save them. He threatens to bring down her government with six words. Harriet firmly stands behind her decision, and the Doctor walks over to her aide and whispers: "Don't you think she looks tired?" That evening, the Doctor selects a new outfit from the TARDIS wardrobe and joins Rose, Jackie, and Mickey for Christmas dinner. They watch Harriet Jones on the television fending off rumours about her health and a pending vote of no confidence. The Doctor and Rose then prepare to set off again in the TARDIS.

Cast and CharactersEdit

Peter Capa (The 12th doctor

Billie Piper: Rose Tyler

Camille Coduri: Jackie Tyler

Noel Clarke: Mickey Smith

Mark Benton: Clive

Alan Ruscoe, Paul Kasey, David Sant, Elizabeth Fost and Helen Otway: Autons

Nicholas Briggs: voicing Nestene Consciousness, Platfrom 1 Aliens,  Daleks

Simon Day: Steward

Yasmin Bannerman: Jabe

Jimmy Vee: Moxx of Balhoon

Zoe Wanamaker: Cassandra

Beccy Armory: Raffalo

Sara Stewart: voicing computer on Platform 1

Silas Carson: vocing one of the guest aliens on Platform One

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