Ribosians are a race of near-humans native to Ribos. They are identical to Humans and one could easily pass as the other. They are a relatively primitive species, having a Class 3 society protected by the forces of the Alliance. Hence they were not aware that life existed outside of their planet.


The Ribosians have a vaguely medieval-European culture. Possibly ruled under some sort of monarchy, Ribosians have possession of several crown jewels which are guarded by Shrivenzales and Shrieves and are revered.

Ribos has an elliptical orbit around its sun and so has only two seasons: Icetime and Suntime, each of which are approximately 32 Levithian years; the Ribosians, though, believe that the Ice Gods and Sun Gods are fighting for control of the world. They believe that Ribos is flat and if they walked far enough they would fall off.

They also believed that the stars are ice crystals and that there are no other planets. Anyone who doesn't believe this is tortured as a heretic. The Ribosians also believe in the Seekers, a group of women who appear to have various clairvoyant powers.


Though they generally used simple weaponry like spears, they have invented a type of cannon and use a type of currency called Opeks.

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