The Trakenites were a race of Near-Human pacifists from the planet Traken. Through the Keeper of Traken, they mantained the Traken Union.


Long before the 20th century, the Trakenites had founded the Traken Union, a highly peaceful and harmonious civilization that made them known for their universal harmony.

It was said that the union was so peaceful that evil would calcify when they reached the atmosphere of Traken. This union was led by five Consuls who aided the Keeper of Traken, drawing on all the minds of the entire Traken Union, granted with increased age and powers when connected to the Source and reigning for about a thousand years. Though they had access to advanced technology, many of the Trakenites lived in relatively simple and pastoral dwellings.

The evils attracted to Traken were called "Melkurs", which literally means "a fly trapped in honey". The Melkurs were immobile while on Traken and eventually began to deteriorate when their power no longer remained. (The Trakenites felt remorse for them and took care of them until they disappeared. )

In 1981, the Traken Union was destroyed by a wave of entropy radiating out from the planet Logopolis. Saved and brought to Logopolis by the Watcher, Nyssa of Traken escaped this disaster.

Nyssa believed herself the only survivor of this race until she and the Doctor discovered Serenity, a Trakenite colony located well outside the Union on the edge of Mutter's Spiral, which indicates that other members of the ancient Trakenite race still survived.

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